Tuesday, February 10, 2009


"That SomeOne" (i hate it, but its true)

Jonas_2 why do i have to face the real me?

the face of rejection, being shameful of what is in me…

facing the world of doubts and confusion

having a hard time to find someone i really wanted to,

being in the midst of liking That SomeOne, but knowing the fact, That SomeOne won’t like me too..

thinking of shameful thoughts that is dropping me down, down to the true world where my place for That SomeOne is…

loosing my self-esteem and admitting to myself that im in the common ground

in the lower part of my emotions, the part where i’am being hurt

hurt in facing the truth, the truth of reality

the reality of someone you like is not for you, and it will never be for you

That SomeOne i’ve longing for, but also That SomeOne who will look down at me in the true feelings that i feel

a feeling that someday i will be with That SomeOne i wish to be…

but then i will realize how painful it is..

the pain that will let me understand how far our distance is…

a distance that binds only for the true meaning of friendship

a genuine friendship, That SomeOne can give.

knowing that there’s a feeling in me, not just for friends but more than the least i expect…

so here i’am now after the joy of knowing That SomeOne

with a happiness that i’ve shared with the feelings of rejection

that i know, That SomeOne will never be a part of me…

i hate it, but its true.

---wala lang gusto ko lang ipost to ulet gusto ko lang maramdaman ulet ung feeling na magkagusto sa taong gusto mo...hehehe tapos walang way para maging kayo...wala dahil ang totoo talaga ayaw naman talaga sau nung taong gusto mo...hehehe ang kulet...anyways si jonas ung nasa pic,para sa kanya din yung poem na yan...he's in Seattle now...i miss him...heheh i know he's happy with his life now...and im happy for him...hope to see him again....*wink

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